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Av: Vingtor RC Club
Publisert: 9. juni 2016
Kl: 20.59

Vingtor inviterer til Warbird treff nå på lørdag.

Tid og sted: Vingtors flyplass på Kråkstad fra kl 11:00
Fri flyving - ingen konkurranse
Bare kos, gøy og morsomt!


Hilsen Tor Andreassen, telf 415 74 273

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Stripa er brøytet i dag, fredag 24/2

Hei alle Vingtorer.
Godt nytt flyår til dere alle.
Ser frem til mange treff på stripa i 2023. Sivert har også etterlyst flere flytimer. Han blir nokk med så snart det byr seg muligheter. Sees på nyåret.

Thank you for your advice. Lucky us we did not have problems with Geese so far but will keep your advice in mind if it occur in the future. Nice to have model flying friends from around the globe visiting our web site.

As you have a grass field, we found spraying the field with cheap grapefruit juice - keeps the Canadian Geese away (at least until it rains) for a contest day. Apparently, the geese don't like the taste and they stay away for a few days.

We had a similar problem at our gated flying field, the members were routinely pushing the dial wheels up - which made it somewhat easier for a non-member to gain access. So, we all agreed to set the dials to 0-0-0-0 when the lock was locked or just opened with the code. Our field is 150 feet (approx. 50 M) away and when leaving the lock (to fly, of course), the open lock is set to 0-0-0-0, so this year's code is unknown to any passerby and stays that way. We've had difficulties with BMX and RV

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